Advice West Devon is a collective of advice partnership projects funded by the BIG Lottery Advice Services Transition Fund.

Each district in Devon was granted funding to bring together local charities offering free advice and information to local people.

We aim to improve access to services, empower people to solve their problems, and secure essential support for the future of local advice agencies. We use the evidence we gather to campaign for improvements to the policies that affect people's lives. 

Our work focuses on four key areas:

  • ACCESS: Developing new online channels for user enquiries and partner referrals.

  • PREVENTION: Developing self-help resources to enable people to solve their problems. Training community workers to identify problems early and direct those in need to the best service.

  • RESOURCE: Recruiting and training volunteers to bolster partner services and offer specialist support on complex issues.

  • SUSTAINABILITY: Researching and implementing measures to secure the future of local services.