Our district advice partnerships have legacy funding to continue serving the community in the future, and we would like to broaden the scope of the services we offer - your organisation could be involved in this. Any community organisation or charity that offers free advice or support services can promote their services through our district partnerships.

Membership of your local advice partnership is free. As an Advice Devon partner, you can use any or all of the following services:


  • Set up public profiles for your organisation and as many sub-groups and projects as you like.
  • Quickly make online referrals to trusted partners, and monitor the progress of the case through email updates.
  • Advertise and manage bookings for your public events and meetings, using our user-friendly online booking system.
  • Access useful resources, data and information about advice and service provision in your area.
  • Receive comprehensive web enquiries from service users, with all the information you need to quickly and effectively respond. The "Get Advice" form has been custom-built to operate as a responsive triage and referral system for advice and service providers.
  • Embed our web enquiry forms seamlessly in your own website at no cost, to extend your offer to the community to include quality advice provision. You do not need to handle the enquiries yourself - they can be automatically directed to the most appropriate partner - or you can set all enquiries to come to you, to manage or refer on as you see fit.